Non-destructive Testing [NDT] has become common in all areas of science and industrial technology.

In an industry with elevated production costs and shipyards, boat owners and insurance companies eager to avoid squandering, it becomes essential to be able to evaluate a structure, a defect or a breakdown, without adding rebuilding expenses.

A true professional should provide the appropriate method to obtain correct analyses and not use these techniques ineptly for the sole purpose of marketing.

However, professional competence and experience cannot be bought with tools alone.

Consulser has been working with the Ultrasonic Testing (UT) methodology since 2005 and since 2007 employs Thermographic Testing (TT) with Thermal Imaging cameras and Liquid Penetrant Testing, operating with Level II, UT and TT certification.

Penetrating liquids are used in support of UT checks on rigging and metals.

Liquidi penetranti

Metodi Ultrasuoni

Metodologia Termografia TT

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