The surveyor is considered an expert which opinion is decisive for the others,that’s why it’s always better to confide on instruments that go deep and do not stay on surface.

Consulser’s effort is to provide reproducible and transcribable objectivity.

On the field, depending on the needs , there are various instruments used by consulser:

  • Epoch4b and epochxt and matching probes- ut scanning on different types of materials to identify structural damages
  • Thermocameras – excellent aid for the thermal state of the implants and if integrated with other instruments it can work for structures and humidity as well
  • Wichitech digital tap hammer – used by boing, it is a valid tester to estimate the quality or integrity of thin panels of special core, like sandwich with thin leather aluminum honeycomb, kevlar paper or core in pvc.
  • Positest – to know the resistance the adhesion between leathers, core or glue or thin coat.
  • Phonometer in class 1- for evaluation of noise levels
  • Penetrant liquids – side by side with ut for rigging checking makes the overall analysis more reliable.
  • Thickness of coat and anodization – used in estimate of thickness of coats and paint
  • Durometro barcol – with this it is possible to estimate how hard the surface of fiberglass and aluminum alloy is.
  • Photographic appreil, macro and tele, diving suits and videocameras – the images during a survey are 70% of the whole value of the comunication of the report, they have to be of good quality.
  • Igrometer and check tester- 4 types of igrometers are used depending on scale and sensibility to provide an evaluation that’s difficult to contradict.
  • Digital testers and current clamp – for elettric potentials
  • Reference electrodes – gives us the power to know the state of efficiency of the cathodic protection of a boat or to notice defects or dispersions of the electrical system, it is used on the survey of corrosions..
  • Rifractometre – used for measuring the salinity of water found in bilge.
  • Phials and sterile containers – aid for the the collection of samples and specimens.
  • Litmus paper – the classic tester to rate the ph value of a substance.

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